Beauty Tips 

  • If you’re pressed for time in the morning, or you workout on your lunch hour and you need your hair to dry in a flash, try a fast lathering, fast rinsing shampoo like Redken’s Active Express. It also has ingredients, which help your hair dry in record time. Just remember, if your hair is coarse and dry, you shouldn’t use this one every day, or put a conditioning oil in while you workout, then shampoo.

  • NEVER skip the sunscreen, even on rainy days. UV rays are damaging to skin all year long, no matter the weather. Using a sunscreen everyday with at least SPF 15, preferably 30, will help prevent wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. Peter Thomas Roth is our favorite and it comes in so many different formulations you’re sure to find just the right one.

  • If cold, dry, winter weather has left your skin feeling chapped and irritated, try a calming mask to desensitize, soothe and hydrate. Phytomer’s Accept Gentle Mask for Sensitive Skin will diminish blotchiness and help ease tightness.

  • An old, dull razor can drag over your skin, causing irritation. Plus, leaving it in a wet shower for weeks increases the chance of bacteria growth on the blade, which is another bump breeder. To keep skin smooth, dip your blade in alcohol between uses to disinfect, then store it someplace dry. Another rule of thumb: Toss after three shaves. – Self
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