Glow-Geous Trio

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They say good things come in threes. Here's proof: new glow-geous trio has three of mai couture's best-loved papiers in the one convenient booklet. Containing mai couture 2-1 blotting/bronzer in "sin city", highlighter in "st. Barts" and blush in "prettyful", you can now carry your entire makeup bag in one perfectly portable booklet. Flawlessness is now always at hand. How to use: to give tired makeup a lift, tear your desired color from the booklet (one sheet will be enough for the entire face) then press paper gently over areas you want to add color. If mattifying is required, use a sheet of 2-1 kblotting/bronzer papier and press firmly onto skin, concentrating on areas with excess oil. All three sheets can be used over makeup. Use as needed and discard after each use. Colors: 2-1 blotting/ bronzing papiers in "sin city" highlighter in "st. Barts" blush in "prettyful".

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